Sunday, August 3, 2014

Giving Redlands the Runaround
November 2016

Redlands Runaround is Redlands' first marathon and ultramarathon race, with distance options of 350+ (tbd) miles, 100 miles, 50 miles, 50 kilometers, 26.2 miles (marathon), and 10 miles. 

Redlands Runaround is a benefit run. All proceeds (100%) will go to the Redlands Conservancy and The Wildlands Conservancy, preserving open and wild places that reflect and enrich the wild within us all.

Redlands Runaround is open to anyone. The entry fee is simply that each participant be "sponsored" by at least three individuals—runners can include themselves as one—who donate at least $1 for each mile that the sponsored runner commits to run (3x $10 for the 10 mile distance, 3x $26 for the marathon distance, etc.). Sponsors may contribute more per mile, but $1 is the minimum. Every dollar donated will be entirely tax deductible. Donors will be honored with their names online beside the runner's, and will receive a receipt for tax purposes.

Redlands Runaround is a "fun run," and is almost entirely "bling-free." This means there will be no medals given out. The deep satisfaction that you and your sponsors are supporting these two nonprofits doing great work will last much longer than the trinkets given out at typical "for profit" races. There may be t-shirts given to participants...I'm working out details on would be paid out of my own pocket (and perhaps with help from a silks-screening business). 

Redlands Runaround is a self-supported race. This means that each runner is on her/his own to figure out what is needed to go the distance. There may be several water stops along the way (to be determined) and any aid stations will be from the joint efforts of participants. This may be that each runner bring a gallon of water or gatorade and some sort of snack (bag of chips, cookies, banana bread, etc).

The route is yet to be determined. If you are a mathematician familiar with Route Inspection Problem and can create an algorithm to figure out the shortest course that covers all the public streets of Redlands, please contact me.

Much more to follow.

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